Zero to One(জিরো টু ওয়ান) Bangla Translated pdf Book

Zero to One is a Self-development and meditation book by Peter Thiel. It is a best seller book in this world. This book has been translated into many languages. Here you will able to download this book in the Bengali Language as a PDF Version.

You will learn How to Build the Future through this book. Peter says that you can improve the chances of success of your startup by answering these seven questions:

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1. The Engineering Question: –

Can you bring a product in the market that is 10X better than existing products?


2. The Timing question: –

Is this the right time to build this kind of business?


3. The monopoly question: –

Are you starting from a big share of a small market?


4. The people question: –

Do you have the right team?


5. The distribution question: –

Do you know how to make and sell your product?


6. The Durability question: –

Will you be doing your business even after 10-20 years?


7. The secret question: –

Have you found such an opportunity that is missing the rest?

Book Info:

Book Name: Zero to One
Author Name: Peter Thiel, Blake Master
Translator: Fazle Rabbi (Translator)
Category: Translation: Self-Development and Meditation
File format: Pdf
file size: 34 MB
Total pages: 192 pages

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