Your Favourite Game Paragraph For Class 10

Your Favourite Game Paragraph For Class 10


The game I like most (or my favourite game) is the cricket. It is the most exciting of all the outdoor games. It is played on a large ground between two teams. Each team has eleven players. One team bats and other team fields in turn. There are two umpires to regulate the game. Their decision is final. The game may be played for a day or two days or three days or four days or five days. The team which makes the larger number of runs wins.

The cricket has many excellent points. It give a player plenty of physical exercise and helps to make his body fit and strong. it calls his brain, his thinking power into action. it teaches him the sense of discipline, the spirit of co-operation and the value of team work. It is characterized by fair play and no favour. A cricketer cannot dream of cheating the umpires or of taking unfair advantage of his opponent, as a footballer, however great, does, He will always play fair and honourably keep the rules of the game. He will not expect any concession from his opponent.

The cricket is also associated with high spirit. Whenever a player scores a century or hits a sixer he is cheered not only by the players of both the teams, but also by the spectators. For all these reasons. I like the cricket most.


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