Write an Essay on The Last Day of School

Write an Essay on The Last Day of School

After Spending some years with our class-mates, teachers, school staff when we have to leave school along with all of our above associates at the last day suddenly our emotion brust out in rolling tears. A strong sort of nostalgia about those halcyon days of the past, those days of unbounded joy with our play mates, those days of rigorous study before the examinations and those days of Saraswati Puja, Cultural Functions and Annual Sports in schools cross our mind in a flash and joy the reluctant pangs of abdication, a queer joy or liberation lend us a kind of feel which beggars description.

This overwhelming feeling makes us think that hence we shall have to keep ourselves aloof from such many smilling faces that we meet everyday. There will be a great distance from them. Only a mobile or social net working will be helpful to contact with our friends and others. But this will not enable us to enjoy the close contact with them. Gradually such a sense will act in our mind as out of sight is out of mind.

The day of a farewell is the most heart-rendring period in every student’s life. It seems to US too painful to say goodbye for ever. The most emotional period comes when teachers embrace us as our parents. We are prepared from our schools for the larger world. So from unis day we learn to forget the past events that we pass by and try to keep in mind the valluable instructions they set before us as human-beings should follow.

The world’s life current is flowing like a river. 5o we also should avoid our static lifo 1ence we shall have to entera new life that beckons us immediately. So this day is a blend of Her oy and sorrow no doubt.


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