Best Stream After 10th:

After passing the 10th class, you must make a decision that will affect the rest of your life. That is why we have written this stories.

The Subjects you should you take after the 10th pass?

1 -SCIENCE - Maths, Biology 2 - commerce 3 - Arts etc.

1 - Math's (Mathematics) This is also called PCM. Here the subjects are:

Physics CHEMISTRY Mathematics (MATHS) Or Hindi, English, etc.

2 . Biology (Biology) It is also called PCB. Here the subjects are:

Physics CHEMISTRY Biology Or Hindi, English, etc. With this, you can go into the field of medical (hospital), etc.

3.Commerce. Here the subjects are:

Accountancy Economics Mathematics Business English etc. If you want the subject of Economics, Statistics or Finance, then you have to take this commerce subject

4 .Arts. Here the subjects are:

English History Geography Psychology Political Science Economics Sanskrit Sociology Philosophy etc.