Voice Change From “Jimmy Valentine” | Class 11th Textual Grammar WBCHSE

Voice Change From “Jimmy Valentine” | Class 11th Textual Grammar WBCHSE: You can find here the most important voice change from Jimmy Valentine. Practice all of this Textual Grammar for preparing upcoming Class 11th Final Examination 2023. Textual Grammar English Grammar: Voice Change Question and Answer.

Voice Change From "Jimmy Valentine" | Class 11th Textual Grammar WBCHSE

Title Voice Change From “Jimmy Valentine”
Class 11th
Subject English (2nd Language)
Type Textual Grammar

Voice Change Question and Answer from “Jimmy Valentine”:

➤  Jimmy Valentine was assiduously stitching uppers,
– Uppers were being assiduously stitched by Jimmy Valentine.

➤ A guard escorted him to the front office.
He was escorted by a guard to the front office.

➤  Jimmy took it in a tired kind of way.
– It was taken by Jimmy in a tired kind of way.

➤ I never cracked a safe in my life.
– A safe was never cracked by me in my life.

➤ Take him back.
– Let him be taken back.

➤  Unlock him at seven in the morning.
– Let him be unlocked at seven in the morning.

➤  He had thought of the shoe business.
– The shoe business had been thought of by him.

➤ The clerk was impressed by the clothes and manner of Jimmy.
-The clothes and manner of Jimmy impressed the clerk.

➤ The clerk needn’t call the boy.
-The boy need not be called by the clerk.

➤ He would carry up his suitcase, himself.
-His suitcase would be carried up by him himself.

➤  He opened a shoe-store and secured a good run of trade.
– A shoe store was opened and a good run of trade was secured by him.

➤  He had won the respect of the community.
-the respect of the community had been won by him.

➤ I want you to wind up some little matters for me.
– I want some little matters to be wound up by you for me.

➤  I’ve quit the old business.
-The old business has been quit by me.

➤ I’ll bring along the tools with me.
-The tools will be brought along with me.

➤ He was just waiting for a man he knew.
-He was just waiting for a man known to him.

➤ The door cannot be opened.
-None can open the door.

➤  Can’t you men do something?
-Can’t something be done by you men?

➤  What shall we do?
-What will be done by us?

➤  Somebody wildly suggested dynamite.
– Dynamite was wildly suggested (by somebody).

➤  Jimmy Valentine put on his coat.
-Jimmy Valentine’s coat was put on by him.

➤ I recognise you.
-You are recognised by me.

➤  He set his suitcase on the table and opened it out flat.
– His suitcase was set on the table and was opened out flat by him.

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