The Passing Away of Bapu | WBBSE Class 10th English Mcq Mocktest


The Passing Away of Bapu | WBBSE Class 10th English Mcq Mocktest | West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Class 10th English Practice  SET from Test Papers:

Read the following paragraphs and answer the questions that follow:

I was having tea at home on the evening of 30th January 1948, when I was called to Birla House by an urgent telephone. Gandhiji had been shot on his way to a prayer meeting. I was numb with shock as I got into the car. At the Birla House, Gandhiji’s relatives and followers had gathered around his body. There was silence in the room as Gandhiji breathed his last. Words of Bapuji’s death had spread through Delhi like a flame fanned by the wind. Sad groups of men and women had collected around Birla House. Out of every window, one could see a brown blur of faces. They did not make a sound. There was an unnatural silence. It was as if time stood still for those few minutes.
The people were too stunned to speak in the beginning. Later they clamored wildly, shouting and crying. They jostled one another in a stampede to break into the house. They calmed a little when it was announced that they would be allowed to see Gandhiji before the funeral. When one is faced with the shock of a loved one’s death, one whimpers: “What will become of me now that he has left me?” This
was surely the question uppermost in the mind of the mourning people. They looked like lost children. It was the question in many of our
hearts as we sat, still shocked and unbelieving. We listened to the broadcast telling the people of India that their Bapu was no more.

A. Write the correct alternative to complete the following sentences in the given spaces:


(a) At home in the evening the writer was—

(i) busy cooking

(ii) doing up her home

(iii) busy writing next day’s report

(iv) having a relaxed time.

Ans:(iv) having a relaxed time.

(b) People wanted to go into Birla House- (i) to see Bapuji’s cremation

(ii) to see Bapuji in his dying moments

(iii) to pay their last respect to Bapuji

(iv) to help Bapuji recover.

Ans:(iii) to pay their last respect to Bapuji


(c) On her way to Birla House, the writer saw-

(i) angry people crying for revenge

(ii) a huge fire fanned by wind

(iii) crowded windows
(iv) lost children.

Ans:(iii) crowded windows

(d) The news of Bapuji’s death initially had people—

(i)irunning about in panic

(ii) clamouring for justice

(iii) stunned

(iv) rampaging through the streets.


Ans:(iii) stunned

(e) People calmed a little when they knew that— (i) that Bapuji was no more

(ii) they would accompany Bapuji in his last journey

(iii) they would be able to have a last glimpse of Gandhiji

(iv) Bapuji was out of danger.

Ans:(iii) they would be able to have a last glimpse of Gandhiji

B. Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) When Gandhiji drew his last breath people around stood in——–
(b) The mourning people wondered what would———-
(c) The news of Bapuji’s death spread across the country through———
[Ans.(a) silence (b) become of them (c) radio broadcasts]

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