SEBA Class 9 English Half Yearly Question Paper 2021(Barpeta)

SEBA Class 9 English Half Yearly Question Paper 2021(Barpeta):

SEBA Class 9 English Half Yearly Question Paper 2021(Barpeta)

Sub: English
Class: IX
Full Marks: 90
Time: 3 hours


  1. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given below: 1/2 X 4=2
    (a) Mrs. Jones is
    (i) Margie’s mother
    (ii) Evelyn’s mother
    (iii) a doctor

(b) The ancestors of Bismillah Khan were
(i) rulers
(ii) soldiers
(iii) professional musicians

(c) Sivasubramania Iyer was a
(i) mathematics teacher
(ii) science teacher
(iii) social science teacher

(d) Evelyn’s marks had deteriorated by the time she
(i) eight
(ii) eleven
(iii) seventeen

2. Write whether the following statements are true or false 1/2 X 2=1:

(a) Shehnai became the generic name for reeded noisemakers.
(b) Evelyn speaks flawlessly with a Scottish lilt.

3. When did Margie write her diary?

4. Name the person who spotted Evelyn’s potential in the field of music.

3. Who was Bismillah Khan’s father?

6. How old was Abdul Kalam when the Second World  war break out?

7. Where did Abdul Kalam’s family live?

8. What had once happend to Tommy’s teacher ?

9. How did Evelyn feel music ?

10. Why did Bismillah Khan refuse to start a shehnai school in the USA?

11. What could the new teacher not tolerate ? 2

12. Why did Aurangzeb ban the playing of the Pungi ? 2

13. Why did Abdul Kalam want to leave Rameswaram?


14. Choose the meaning of the following underlined words: 1/2 X 2=1

(a) ……. from the veils of the……………(hat/covering/cap)
(b)……….. on the hearth
(sincere/the floor of a fire place/chimney)

15. Write a word that rhymes with each of the following (any two)
Cake, wood, glade 1/2 X 2=1

16. Write the name of the poet of the poem “A legend of the Northland”.

17. Where did the two roads diverge?

18. How did Saint Peter punish the lady?

19. Which road did the poet choose and why? 1+1=2

20. Why does the poet want to go to Innisfree?

21. How does the woodpecker get her food?


22.(a) Describe how Toto nearly boiled himself alive once.


(b) Describe how Toto enjoyed his bath.

23. (a) Why does grandfather take Toto to Saharanpur and how?

b) “Toto was a pretty monkey”. In what sense is Toto pretty?



24. Insert appropriate preposition: 1/2 X 6=3

( I was absent. ………. the class yesterday.

(b) He has no taste music. (of/for/on)

(c) I am sorry………what I have done. (for/to/into)

(d)Please, sit  ……… me. (by/to/at)

(e)  China is …………….. the north of India. (in/to/by)

(f) She writes ……………… her left hand. (by/with/to)

25. Use correct tense forms of the verbs :- 1x 5=5
(a) Tuhin (go) to school everyday.

(b)  The patient (die) before the doctor came.

(c) Water (flow) downwards.


(d)  If I (be) you, I would do that,
(e) It (rain) since morning

26. Change the form of Voice:- 1 x 5=5

(a) Your behaviour displeased me.
(b) A letter is being written by the girl.
(c) By whom will it be done.
(d) She gave the beggar some coins.
(e) Your dress was gifted by Ravi.

27. Rewrite as directed:- 1 x 4=4

(a) they will go to Dibrugarh tomorrow, ………..?
(Add a tag question)

(b) He was famous for his wisdom.
(Put a question to get this answer)

(c) The Earth is round.
(Make it interrogative)

(d)  He did not eat the mango, …?
(Add a tag question)

28. Arrange the jumbled words to make meaningful sentences: 1×5=5
(a) tell not should a we lie.
(b) is where the man living now?
(c) my took umbrella is man this who the.
(d) the ball on my hand me hit made of which was
(e) he to help the beggar refused.


29. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.
I was born into a middle class Tamil family in the island town of Rameswaram in the erst while Madras state. My father Jainulabdeen, had neither much formal education nor much wealth, despite these disadvantages, he possessed great innate wisdom and a true generosity of spirit-He had an ideal helpmate in my mother, Ashiamma. I do not recall exact number of people she fed everyday, but I am quite certain that
far more outsiders ate with us than all the members of our own family put together.

(a) Where was the speaker born ?

(b) who was the speaker’s father ? 1.
(c)  Was the speaker’s father a man of good character? 1
(d) Give the verb form of ‘education’.
(e) Find out the words from the passage which mean the following :- 1+1=2
(i) Former
(ii) remember

30. Read the following passage and answer the question that follow :
Those tribes were mostly made up of people whom we may call hunters. They lived by hunting with animals or fish with crude weapons like bows and arrows and spears. They supplemented their source of food suppļy by pulling out wild roots from the earth or plucking fruit from trees. They were thus food gatherers of growing food for cultivating wheat or ride or vegetables, they had as yet no idea. These tribes were therefore, to be found near jungles or forests where wild animals were to be found in plenty, or near
rivers, lakes and seas where fish was the main attraction.

(a) What was the people’s occupation referred to? 1
(by Had they any idea of cultivation ?
(c) Why did the people live near forests? 2
(d) Write a sentence using ‘gatherer’ as a verb. 2
(e) Give the noun form of ‘grow’.


34. Amplify any one of the following:-
(a) Knowledge is power.
(b) A stitch in time saves nine.


ইংৰাজীলৈ অনুবাদ কৰাঃ-
(a) এইখন মােৰ কিতাপ।
(b) সােথ এবিধ মূল্যবান ধাতু।
(c) অনুগ্রহ কৰি দৰ্জাখন খােলক।
(d) তেওঁ যেতিয়া আহিছিল মই পঢ়ি আছিলোঁ।
(e) জেপলুৰুকাৰ পৰা সাৱধান।
(f) মই কালি বজাৰলৈ গৈছিলো।

32. Prepare a report on the following information – 6
Date: 02-11-2021
Place: Near Singimari
Cause: A bus and lorry accident.
Effect: 20 died, many injured


Write a notice for the school notice board informing students about Inter-School football tournament to be held in your school. You are Akash, the sports secretary. (8)


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