SEBA Class 9 Computer Science Half Yearly Exam Question paper 2021

SEBA Class 9 Computer Science Half Yearly Exam Question Paper 2021: Get here SEBA Board (Secondary Education Board of Assam) district Nagaon Class 9 Computer Science Question Paper download 2021.

SEBA Class 9 Computer Science Half Yearly Exam Question paper 2021

Half Yearly Examination,2021
Class: IX
Subject: Computer Science (Theory)
Time: 3 hrs.
Full Marks: 70

1. Choose the correct answer: 1×4-4

(a) Who is known as the father of the modern computer?
(i)  Charles Babbage (ii) Blaise Pascal
(i) Herman Hollerith (iv) John Atanasoff

(b) Which of the following is an operating system?
(i)  Windows (ii) Linux
(iii) Unix (iv) All of these

(c) A network switch is required to form
(i) Star Topology (ii) Mesh Topology
(iii) Ring Topology (iv) Bus Topology

(d) C in ICT stands for
(i) Communication (ii) Computer
(iii) Control (iv) None of these

2. Fill in the blanks : 1×3=3

(a) A group of four bits is called
(6) is the founder of Microsoft Corporation.
(c) The connection structure of a computer network is called

3. Answer the following questions:1×8=8
(a) What is the maximum data transfer rate of Co-axial cable?

(b) It carries data from the memory to the CPU and the CPU to the memory. What is it called?

(c) How we select the entire document in MS Word 2007.

(d) It is a program which acts as an interface between a user and the hardware i.e all computer resources and controls all components of the computer system. What is it called?


(e) It provides the first line of defence against unauthorized access to our computer and personal information. What is it called?

(f) What do you mean by range of cells?

(9) Write the name of an elementary unit of memory.

(h) What is the full form of www?

4. Answer any twelve of the following questions: 2×12=24
(a) What is BOSS?

(b) Write any two limitations of computer.

(c) Differentiate between RAM and ROM.

(d) Convert 22 into binary.

(e) What are the three basic components of the CPU?

(1) Define the term workbook.

(g) What is WordArt?

(h) Write any two advantages of star topology.

(i) Write a short note on Wi-Fi.

(j) Define the term plagiarism.

(k) How are header and footer useful?

(l)  What do you mean by soft copy and hard copy?

(m) What do you mean by a website?

(n) What is the difference between OMR and MICR?

5. Answer any five of the following questions: 3×5=15

(a) What is ranking? How is it related to a search engine?

(b) Convert 2AF into decimal.

(c) Write down the major issues of security and integrity of information.

(d) Write any three features of a word processor.

(e) Explain the three types of intellectual property rights.

(1) Write any three applications of spreadsheet.


6. Answer any four of the following questions : 4×4=16

(a) Differentiate between firewalls and antivirus.

(b) Explain any four uses of computer.

(c) What is topology? Explain mesh topology with two advantages and disadvantages.

(d) Differentiate between 32 BIT and 64 BIT operating systems.

(e) Explain the various views of a slide available in PowerPoint2007.

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