SEBA Class 10 Computer Science Half Yearly Exam Question paper 2021

SEBA Class 10 Computer Science Half Yearly Exam Question paper 2021: Students of class 10 of Nagaon District can download here SEBA Board Class 10 Computer Science(Theory) Half Yearly Exam Question Paper.

SEBA Class 10 Computer Science Half Yearly Exam Question paper 2021

Half Yearly Examination,2021
Class: X
Subject: Computer Science (Theory)
Time:3 hours
Full Murks: 80

1. Choose the correct answer:
a) The process of converting a digital signal into an analog signal is called.

i) modulation
ii) demodulation
iii) transformation
(iv) none of the above

b) The folder that contains details of incoming messages is
i) Draft

ii) Inbox

iii) Sent

iv) Delete

c) Which of the following properties are used with the <td> tag?
i) text-align

ii) vertical-align

iii) paddling

iv) All of these

(d) Which one of the following is a valid name for an XML element?

i) <xmldoc>

ii) <l2roll>

iii) <customer num>

iv) <customer>

2. Fill in the blanks:
(a) Buying and selling of products on the internet is called_________
(b) If you want to create an e-mail link_________ is required before the address.

(c) The topmost clement in a document is called___________

3. Write the correct or incorrect statement: 1×3=3

(a) Khoj is a search engine.
(b) Hypertexts are a set of rules that computers use to communicate logically.
(c) Linkstie web pages together in a website or across various websites

4. Answer the following questions:
with the help of a modem. What is it called?
(a) This folder helps us to store dispatched messages while our
computer is disconnected from the internet. What is it called?
(b) It is a connection between the computer and the ISP server
(c) How does XML store the new line character in the Macintosh application?
(d) It is the best format for photographs as it contains 1 million
colors. What is it called?

(e) It is a tag that specifies an individual block or cell in a table row. What is this tag called?
(f) What is the default colorof visited link?
(g) Who is the father of XML?
(h) What is the full form of WiMax?

5. Answer any twelve of the following questions:
(a) Mention the protocols commonly used for working with the internet?
(b) What do you mean by plain text and rich text?
(c) Write any two naming rules of XML elements.
(d) What do you mean by the world wide web?
(e) What is a web browser? Name any two popular web browsers.
(f) Define TELNET.
(g) Write any two features of XML.
(h) What do you mean by hyperlink?
(i) What is the difference between strandtd> tags?
(j)  What is the use of padding property?
(k) What is the purpose of the target attribute of <a tag?
( What is the use of the caption-side property of <table tag?
(m) What are the three components of a search engine?

6. Answer any four of the following questions:
(a) Differentiate between a router and a modem. 3×4=12
(b) What are the rules for defining a well-formed XML document.?
(c) Explain any three methods of internet access.
(d) Explain the protocols which are used for handling e-mails.
(c) What are the three different kinds of links? Explain.
7. Answer any four of the following questions: 4×4=16
(a) What are the factors affecting the choice of ISP?
(b) Explain the process of sending data from one computer system to another with a suitable diagram?
(c) Explain any four advantages of e-learning,
(d) Detine <img tag? Explain the attributes of <img lag.
(e) Draw the XML tree for the code given below.
<lastname> XYZ</lastname>
<contact>1111111111 </contact>
<email>[email protected]</email>
<state> Assam</state>

8. Answer the following application-based questions:2X5=10
(a) Tavishu wants to insert an image in a web page. Which tag will he use to insert the image?
(b) Identify the error(s) in the following code and then write the correct code:
<style type=”text/css”>
image{bordersize:2px solid red)

(c) Observe the code given helow:
th{background-color:pink; color:blue)
tr{background-color:pink; color:blue)
Can you suggest an alternate way of writing the above code!

(d) Write an HTML5 code to assign green color to a link when it is clicked orange color if the link has been visited, and purple color when the mouse is placed over it.

(e) Sima wants to show the hyperlink in a web page, suggest her the tag which tag fulfills this particular requirement.

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