SEBA Class 10 (2nd Unit Test) 2021 English Model Question Paper

 SEBA Class 10 (2nd Unit Test) 2021 English Model Question Paper:

 2nd Unit Test -2021
Sub – English
Class -XTime – 2hour
Full Marks – 50

1. Where did Belinda live? 1
2. What was worn by the tea pluckers ? 1
3. What is Pranjol’s Father? 1
4. What was the colour of the wagon? 1
5. Describe the Physical features of Custard the Dragon 2
6. Who is the Poet of the poem The Tale of Custard the Dragon? 1
7. How many cups of Tea is drunk all over the world every day? 1
8. How did the Dragon kill the pirate? 2
9. Describe two Legends about Tea. 3
10. What did Rajvir and Pranjol see both sides of the gravel roads? 2
11. (a)Who was Griffin? How did he become invisible ? Why did Mrs. Hall find him eccentric? 4
(b) Briefly describe the extraordinary behaviour of Mrs Hall’s furniture. 4

12. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the right determiners. 1/2X4= 2

(a) A busy person has time to spare.
(b) woman can do it.
(c) The girl has _good qualities.
(d) _men are free from faults.

13. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition from among the choices given in
these brackets:- 1/2X4=2
(a) Shoes are made __leather. (from /of/ in)
(b) I cannot agree —your suggestion. (to /at / with)
(c) She is blind__ right eye. (of/ in /at)
(d) I bought this pen_ten rupees. (by /at /for)

14. Rewrite the following sentences putting the verbs in the brackets in their correct tense form: 1X2=2
(a) When he started for office, it still (rain).
(b) Unless she reads well, she (fail).

15. Change the narration of the following 1X2=2
(a) Dilip said that he had gone to Delhi the previous year.
(b) My friend said to me, “Let us have a cup of tea.”

16. Change the voice of the following: 1X2=2
(a) Some boys broke the window panes
(b) Let the mangoes be distributed among the boys.

17. Combine each of the following pairs of sentences into a single sentence 1X2=2
(a) He does not know how to swim. He does not know how to drive.
(b)Walking is a good exercise. Swimming is a good exercise.

18. Make sentences to illustrate the meaning of any two of the following: 1X2=2
Burning question, Come round, Stand by, Get rid of.

19. Correct any three of the following sentences: 1X3= 3
(a) He insisted on me to accompany him.
(b) It is an interesting poetry.
(c) See the word in the dictionary.
(d) Give attention to what the teachers say.
(e) This story is much interesting
(f)Either this is true or false.

20. Answer either (a) or (b):
(a) Write a letter to your friend telling him /her how you are spending your days during the lockdown declared by the State Government in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 6

(b) Write a report for a local daily on the basis of the information given below: 6
road accident.
(i) November 2020, 9-30 PM.
(ii) Ganeshguri Flyover, Guwahati.
(iv) a speeding motor bike knocks down an old man on the road.
(v) the old man dies, the biker severely injured
(vi) policeman and ambulance van arrived.
the injured and the dead sent to GMCH.

21. Translate into English :- 1X4=4
a) আমি নিজৰ মাতৃ-পিতৃক সন্মান কৰা উচিত।
b) ৰাজুৰ দেউতাক এজন চিৰিয়াখানাৰ কৰ্মচাৰী।
c) মই তেওঁক ভালদৰে চিনি পাওঁ।
d) যােৱা মাহত তেওঁ আমাৰ ঘৰলৈ আহিছিল।

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