SEBA 2nd Unit Test Class 10 2021-22 Social Science Model Paper

 SEBA 2nd Unit Test Class 10 2021-22 Social Science Model Paper:

Here you will find the Model Question paper for class 10 of the SEBA Board. SEBA Board class 10 social science model question paper.


2nd Unit Test 2021-22
Class :-X
Subject:- Social Science
Time: – 1 Hour
Full Mark: – 50


1. MCQ Question: 1×4-4

a. Who was the first editor of the Jonaki”?
i. Chandra Kumar Agarwala

ii. Gopnath Bordoloy
iii. Moniram Dewan

iv. Gobinda Labiri

b) Name the ‘Trimurti’ of Jonaki Age?
i. Hamchandra Gosowami, Laskhminath Bazborua, Chandra Kumar Agarwala
ii. Hamchandra Gosowami, Ambikagiri Raychoudhury, Chandra Kumar Agarwala,
iii. Ambikagiri Raychoudhury, Chandra Kumar Agarwala,Hamchandra Gosowami,
iv. Hamchandra Gosowami, Laskhminath Bazborua, Moniram Dewan

c) As per the census 1991 -2001, the Hindi speaking people have increased from
i. 3.44% to 6.14%
ii. 3.43 % to 6.40%
iii. 3.43 10 9.01%
iv. 90.2% to 91.2%

d. Brahmaputra valley and Barak valley areas are 56, 194 km and 6922 km². And the area of Hill region of Assam is

i. 322,15 kin?
ii. 15,3224 km
iii. 15,322 km?
iv. 16,213 km

2. Short answer question 1×6=6:

a. Who led the revolt of 1857 in Assam?
b. What was the full name of Maniram Dewan ?
c. Who was the first editor of the Jonaki??
d. Name the Trimurti’ of Jonaki Age?
e. Where was the first session of the Assam Association held?
f. What was the name of revolutionary organization established by Ambikagiri Raychoudhury?

3. Write the answers briefly (any Ten) 2×10=20:

a. After the establishment of the British rule in Assam how did the system of revenue collection change?
b. Mention two causes of the failure of the revolt of 1857 in Assam?
c. How did Lieutenant Singer die? Where was his body thrown?
d. Write two importance of Phulagiri Dhawa in History?

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