Our Runaway Kite- WBBSE Class 10th(2nd Language) MCQ Mocktest


“Our Runaway Kite” is written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. This story is included in the Wbbse secondary syllabus. Here the students of class 10th will get most important MCQ questions with Answers collected from Madhyamik Test Papers and from textbook. The students of West Bengal class 10th students can practice here for upcoming madhyamik examination 2021. Madhyamik English Online Mock Test from English 2nd Language. Madhyamik English MCQ Online Mocktest Questions and Answer. Madhyamik English MCQ from Our Runaway Kite.




Write the correct alternative to complete the following sentences in the given spaces:

(a) In the mainland the writer learnt-

(i) kite-selling

(ii) kite-flying
(iii) kite-making

(iv) kite-signalling

Ans:(iii) kite-making

(b) The harbour is blue and calm in—

(i) overcast conditions

(ii) bright sunshine

(iii) freezing conditions

(iv) stormy conditions

Ans:(ii) bright sunshine

(c) The kite they made was decorated with—

(i) their names

(ii) their address

(iii) tinsel stars

(iv) a red paper

Ans:(iii) tinsel stars

(d) The old letter was used for repair work because—

(i) it was of no use

(ii) it was easy to make use of

(iii) reusable

(iv) it fitted well

Ans:(ii) it was easy to make use of

(e) The writer was in a hurry to fly the kite because the wind was-

(i) dying

(ii) helpful

(iii) getting wild

(iv) non-existent

Ans:(ii) helpful

(f) After reading the letter, the father got-

(i) angry

(ii) emotional
(iii) despairing

(iv) unaffected

Ans:(ii) emotional

(g) Dick and Mimi found the kite-

(i) after a search

(ii) by accident
(iii) guided by their mother

(iv) from their mainland friends


An:(ii) by accident

(h) The kite-

(i) revived a relationship

(ii) destroyed a relationship
(iii) created a relationship


(iv) poisoned a relationship

Ans:(i) revived a relationship


(i) The mother of Dick and Mimi identified the relationship by-
(i) the colour of the kite

(ii) the address on the kite

(iii) the names on the kite

(iv) the shape of the kite


Ans:(i) the colour of the kite

(j) Two branches of the family were reunited—

(i) as Aunt Eshter and her children came over to the island

(ii) as Aunt Esther and her children came over to the mainland

(iii) as father went over to settle in the mainland (iv) as the writer and father settled in the mainland

Ans:(i) as Aunt Eshter and her children came over to the island


(k) The narrator lived on-

i) Big Moon island

(ii) Half Moon island
(iii) Big Half Moon island

(iv) Big Full Moon island

Ans:(iii) Big Half Moon island

(l) The keeper of the lighthouse is–

(i) Aunt Esther

(ii) Dick

(iii) Claude

(iv) Father

Ans:(iv) Father

(m) The family moved over to the mainland in—(i) summer

(ii) spring
(iii) monsoon

(iv) winter

Ans:(iv) winter

n) The playmate of the narrator used to be-

i) Dick

(ii) Claude
(iii) Father

(iv) Aunt Esther

Ans:(ii) Claude

(o) At the time of return from the mainland, people always showed-
(i) happiness

(ii) anger

(iii) pity

(iv) sympathy

Ans:(iii) pity

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