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Online phd Programs: Here in this post, I help International students from all over the world get accepted to top US universities. Let’s talk about the PHD program in the United States-  what is important to know and how to apply and get accepted?  Let’s go one important and very attractive thing about the PHD program is that the PHD program in the United States is always free so you will study for free and even get some pocket money and your conferences will be paid and most likely. They will pay for your accommodation as well.  So this is a completely free program which is of course very attractive to International students.

However there is one thing to know about that that PhD program is preparing professors and preparing scientists and researchers.  So people who want to devote their life to the academic field and it is not for everybody because a lot of people they are not dreaming about becoming a professor becoming a scientist, becoming a researcher. They dream about some professional career and the PHD program is not preparing you for a professional career of course.

A lot of people still get the the PHD program because it’s free and then try to switch their professional career. However the program is not designed for that. So always consider if you actually want to study on a PhD program are you ready to study for four years,  teaching other students becoming a professor studying for the academic field.  Do you love that academic field are you okay with studying it for four years preparing to be a scientist or or a professor or researcher.  Do you like research in that academic field?

Definitely answer yourself those questions before you apply to a PhD program because a lot of people get very attracted to the fact that it is free however they don’t understand what will they will have to go through and what this program is designed for and preparing you for in order to get accepted to a PhD program.


Another thing that is important and is different from applying to other programs is that it’s always better to make a connection to a professor before you apply.  So you need to research specific professors that teach on this PhD program and start to make connection with them.  It’s actually even better to start researching your programs and researching the programs that you want to apply to from actually getting to know specific professors and then learning where they teach.  For example,  you can research specific academic articles and see who wrote those articles and if they’re in your field of studying and if you really like that article see who wrote this article and where this person teach and then try to make connection with this person.  All right, something like I read your article I really enjoyed the article I found it very interesting.

I’m also very interested in this idea in this academic field and this academic topic and then talk about your experience.  In this academic topic make that connection sometimes you can even go further and actually make a zoom call with this.

Professor talk about your academic interests and then and after that Zoom call the professor can tell you that he or she recommends you to apply to this program and this will be a great boost to your chances of admissions.  So it’s important to know this and actually try to do this in addition to the General application process where you need to write essays you need to write recommendation letters.

I mean gain recommendation letters you need to pass your exams GRE or tofu and TOEFL test.  If English is not your native language so you need to go through the application process but parallely to this application process.  It’s very beneficial to make connections to a professor and if you know a little bit about the athletic Scholarships in the application process to the bachelor’s degree where you also need to find a specific coach of the of the team and then make connection with this coach and then he helps you get accepted with the PHD program.  It kind of works similar way you need to find a profile Professor. Make a connection and then this professor helps you get accepted and of course you can research many professors.

In many programs and make connections to all of them to maximize your chances of getting accepted to a PhD program. If you want to get accepted to a PhD program or you considered other programs in the United States because you just realized that PHD program is not the best for you.  Definitely check out my free masterclass where I talk about how to get accepted to any program in the United States and how to get financial aid you don’t have to get a PhD in order to get financial aid you can actually get financial aid on your bachelor’s or on your Masters or even in the professional school and I will talk about my students who also get accepted to PHD programs Master’s programs and bachelor’s programs in top U.S universities.

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