[New] 2021 Model Activity Task Class 10 English Part 4

[New] 2021 Model Activity Task Class 10 English Part 4 : We are trying to answer the Model Activity Task questions for all classes here. If you want to get the answers of English Model Activity Task from here, then visit our site regularly. Today we have the subject of 10th class West Bengal Board of Secondary Education subject English Solution.

[New] 2021 Model Activity Task Class 10 English Part 4


[New] 2021 Model Activity Task Class 10 English Part 4

Read the poem given below and answer the questions that follow:

The mountain and the squirrel

Had a quarrel:

And the former called the later ‘ Little Prig.’

Bun replied,

‘You are doubtless very big;

But all sorts of things and weather

Must be taken in together,

To make up a year

And a sphere.

And I think it no disgrace

To occupy my place.

If I’m not so large as you

You are not so small as I,

And not half so spry.

I’ll not deny you make

A very pretty squirrel track;

Talents differ; all is well and wisely put;

If I cannot carry forests on my back

Neither can you crack a nut.’


Activity 1

Complete the following table:

Sl.No Name Can Do Cannot Do
1 Mountain can carry forests on his back can not crack a nut
2 Squirrel can crack a nut can not carry forests on his back


Activity 2

Do as directed:
i)The teacher said to the students, “You will read the story tomorrow.” (Change the mode of Narration)

Ans- The teacher told the students that they would read the story the next day.

(ii) I know her. She is honest. (Join into a complex sentence)

Ans – I know her who is honest.

(iii) The bag is too heavy to carry. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘so…. that’)
Ans – The bag is so heavy that one can’t carry.



Garbage has been littered in your locality causing filthy, unhygienic environment. Write a letter (in about 100 words) to the head of the civic authority of your locality to clean garbage regularly.



The Head of The Civic Authority

Sitalkuchi, Cooch Behar

Pin- 736158

Sub: Complaint Regarding non-cleaning of garbage and drainage in our locality

With due honor I would like to state that, I am Riju Barman, residing at Sitalkuchi, P.O- Sitalkuchi.

I regret to bring to your kind notice that the garbage container of our locality is overflowing due to non cleaning of many days. The rotten waste materials emanating bad smell thus making the people of the nearby area to wear a scarf around their nose. If the same condition prevails for few more days, then that will be chance of spreading disease. I am unaware of the reason why the authority neglected our area. In addition to this, the drainage also gets blocked in several places. So, if rain occurs then it may create water logging problem too.

Therefore, It’s my humbly request that the same may kindly be cleaned by today itself so that we can have a normal life soon.

Thanking You                                                                                              Yours Faithfully

Dated: 20.07.2021                                                                                          Riju Barman


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