Most Important Paragraph for Madhyamik(WBBSE) Examination 2022


Most Important Paragraph for Madhyamik(WBBSE) Examination 2022:

Madhyamik English Grammar, Paragraph Writing, Important Paragraph Writing for Class 10th, Madhyamik(WBBSE) Examination 2022

Rainy day:

It was a morning of one Wednesday suddenly the sunlight began to dim. I had been busy doing my homework, but as the weather hagan to grow warmer and sultry, I came out of my study and went to the balcony. I saw the sky overcast with dark clouds. After a few minutes, it started thundering and began to rain in showers. The downpour continued for nearly an hour and then it turned into drizzling which continued for hours together. I thoroughly enjoyed the view of the first rain of the season. As it was drizzling, I didn’t go to school that day. I remained indoors and saw the streets flooded with rainwater. And the drains, the ditches, the playground all looked like a pond. After sometime, I saw some children of our locality coming down the field with a football. Seeing this, I could not confine myself to the four-walls of my room. I also cáme down and took part in playing with them. We were enjoying the weather, jumping and playing in the waterlogged field. Some others were making paper-boats and floating those there. After an hour, when my mother called me, I came back home. This was how I had spent the first rain of the monsoon. I long for another rainy day to Come.

Winter in West Bengal:

Traditionally winter is the fifth season in the season-cycle. This season appears with its dense fog and cold weather in the middle of December and reigns upto the middle of February. In this season, the weather remains very pleasant as there is neither the scorching heat of summer nor the irritating rains of the monsoon. During this time, the cold north wind blows and the sunshines brightly making the day bright and charming. The season of winter offers a variety of fruits like oranges, apples, grapes etc. In this season, the vegetable markets are also flooded with vegetables like beans, carrots, cabbages, tomatoes, peas etc. Besides, winter is a season of flowers. Varieties of flowers with different colours and smell bloom this time. We are in festive mood in this season. The ‘Nabanna’ or the new-rice ceremony, the Saraswati Puja, the holy Id, and the Christmas are celebrated in this season. The atmosphere of winter is perfect for picnic or excursion. People enjoy outing putting on colourful sweaters, jackets or shawls. But for the poverty-striken people who cannot provide for warm clothes in winter is really a tough time.

Importance of Time in Life:

Time is the most precious of all things in this world. So, it is the wisest thing for us to utilize the time properly. Time is not unlimited and we have a lot of duties to perform in the short span of our life. Therefore, we have to be careful in using time. One who makes the best use of every moment, can achieve success in his life. That is why, punctuality is regarded as a great virtue. A punctual man never suffers because he does the right thing at the right time. We should remember that time and tide waits for none. We can stop the clock, we can never stop the time. Those who do not realize the value of time and idle away the precious moments of their life can never reach their target. We must not forget that what can be done today, should not be put off for tomorrow because future is always uncertain. All the successful as well as great personalities of the world have achieved their fame and success as they gave ultimate importance to time. Time is so valued these days that an independent course on time-management has been introduced in many management institutions. Rather, time-management is an art which all should try to apply in their life. The noblest and wisest persons do not spoil even a moment. Above all, it should be kept in mind that lost wealth may be regained by working hard, lost knowledge may be regained by studying a lot, but the time lost is lost for ever.

A book Recently Read:

In my age of sixteen plus, I have read a good many novels by Sarat Chandra and Bibhutibhusan Among the English Novels I have read Dickens’s Oliver Twist and David Copperfield. But recently I have read a storybook which really touched my heart. It is “The Story of My Life” by Helen Keller. This is an autobiographical story. The hard struggle of Helen’s life has been depicted in this story. Helen Keller was physically normal when she was born. But once, in her childhood, she became seriously ill and consequently, she lost the powers of eyesight and hearing. Later, she came contact with Miss Sullivan who was not only her teacher, but also the ‘pathfinder’ in her life. Here Helen tells that the day when Miss Sullivan came to her life, was the most memorable day in her life. However, after a long strenuous process, she learnt to read in raised letters in Braille’s methods She even learnt to write in a special type of typewriter and ultimately she acquired the ability of writing. She depicted the experiences of her life with so much ease and sincerity that it arouses everybody’s love and respect for her. Actually Helen had the iron-determination to overcome the challenges of life. She also dedicated herself to help the blind all over the world. I have decided to read the book at different stages of my life. The more I will read, the more inspiration I will get from it.


Man and Trees:

Trees are precious gift of nature. From time immemorial. man and trees coexisted. Men considered trees their best companions. The photosynthetic activity of green plants, supplies oxYgen to support life in this planet. Both trees and men are interdependent on each other. Trees give Us timber, fuel and food. Trees have a direct role in inducing rain. They create conducive environment tor living. Trees prevent soil erosion and flood by striking their roots into the subsoil. But due to growth of population and rapid industrialisation people have started felling trees. This has resulted in the lessening of rainfall and depletion in groundwater level. Random cutting of trees also invite droughts. As a result of drought, fertile lands become barren land. Planting of trees is the only way left for our existence. New programmes of afforestation have been taken up and observed with great enthusiasm every year all over the world to save human race from extinction. In West Bengal, the afforestation programme known as Banamahotsav is observed with intense interest. The Government of India has taken up the social forestry programme. Besides, many other programmes have been taken up to plant trees in the deserts, wayside lands and waste lands to promote better environment for the future generation. Man has now realised his fault of cutting trees recklessly, and has been going on making the expiation of his deeds.

Festivals in West Bengal:

West bengal is a land of festivals and we, the Bengalees, are lovers of festivals. Here people celebrate many festivals throughout the year. The greatest festival of the Hindus, Durgapuja is held in autumn. The advent of Goddess Durga along with her children from Kailash to her paternal house is believed to bring prosperity to all. Then come Lakshmi puja, Kalipuja, Bhratridwitiya one after another. On Kalipuja or Diwali the Hindus worship Goddess Kali and decorate their houses with lights. In spring, the Bengalees observe Holi which is a festival of youthful vigour and colour. The Muslims in Bengal observe the festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, Muharram, etc. After a full month of fasting in the month of Ramjan, the Muslims celebrate Eid with festivity. Eid-ul-Adha or Bakri-eid is the festival of sacrifice. Animal sacrifice is one of the key features of this festival. The Christians also celebrate Christmas, Good Friday and Easter with enthusiasm. Besides these religious festivals, some non-religious festivals are also observed. The Independence Day, The- Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Netaji Jayanti are observed with respect. Nowadays book fairs an film festivals have become much popular. Festivals are important because people of different  religions enjoy get together and in this way a sense of brotherhood is felt. But today some emotional  excesses are noticeable among the young people that may harm social integrity. So we all have to be caution and careful.


Discipline means obedience to fundamental rules of good morals and manners in every walk of life. If we want safety and progress, we must follow discipline. Discipline must start from the family where children must obey their parents and superiors. When the members of a family do not maintain discipline, the peace and happiness of the family is affected. A society becomes chaotic, where the people are indisciplined. Discipline is of great importance to students. In schools or colleges, the students must maintain a regularity in attending their classes and obey the teachers and professors. In the playing field, the players must obey the rules of the game because without discipline the players cannot fight as a team and win any match. In the army, discipline plays a vital role because there indiscipline means death and defeat. Indisciplined soldiers cannot win a battle. In administration, discipline is of extreme necessity. An administrator must show his sense of discipline while running administration, because without it, the entire system will breakdown. Every nation expects its citizens to be well-disciplined. Only the well-disciplined citizens can help a nation to progress. But unfortunately, there is indiscipline almost everywhere. The lawbreakers must bear in mind that nothing can be achieved by showing indiscipline.

My hobby:

Hobby is a selfless pursuit of something outside one’s routine work. It is an innocent pastime. There are different kinds of hobby such as painting, photography, stamp-collecting and reading storybooks. Like many, I also have a hobby and it is gardening. There is a small garden in front of our house where I grow varieties of season flowers. I myself dig the soil, plant the saplings, water and manure the plants. As a result, the garden remains full of flowers throughout the year. The flowers I grow there, are the roses, marigolds, chandramallikas, dahlias and many others. As I myself take care of my plants, I love them very much. My joy knows no bounds when the plants burst into flowers. I work in my garden almost everyday. It is not easy to rear those little plants. But when they bloom, it seems to me that my labour has not gone in vain. My hobby is always a source of great pleasure to me. It also relieves me from the monotony of daily life. As I do the gardening at my spare time, it doesn’t hamper my study at all. Besides, it helps me to keep my body strong and healthy. My parents always inspire me to do it.

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