Madhyamik Life Science(English Version) Practice from Test Paper(2018-2019)

Madhyamik Life Science(English Version) Practice from  Test Paper(2018-2019)

Full Marks : 90
Time:3 hours 15 minutes

(Answer to all questions is compulsory)
1. Write the answer in complete sentence by choosing the correct answer for each question with respective serial number.

1.1 Select from the following the term that describes the movement in the leaves of sundew
(a) Photonastic
(b) ThermonastiC
(c) Chemonastic
(d) Seismonastic

1.2 Find the hormone that is found in juice of tomato-
(a) Auxin
(b) Gibberellin

(c) Cytokinin
(d) Florigen

1.3. ldentify the hormone popularly called the matemity hormone
(a) Oestrogen
(b) Progesterone
(c) Prolactin
(d) Testosterone

1.4 Choose that phase of mitosis during which the chromosomes are arranged on the equator of the cell-
(a) Prophase
(b) Metaphase

(c) Anaphase

(d) Telephase

1.5. Identify the part from which fruit is formed after fertilization-
(a) Stigma
(b) Ovary
c) Ovule
d) Ovum

1.6. The age from 11 to 19 years in humans is called
(a) Teenage
(c) Adolescence
(b) Adulthood
(d) Senescence

1.7. Laws of heredity has been proposed by-
(b) Darwin
(c) Mendel
(d) Miller

1.8.Calculate hoW many types of gametes are formed from guineap1g having genotype Bbrr-

(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 4
(d) 3

1.9. Identify the nature of haemophilia
(a) Sex-linked dominant
(b) Autosomal dominant
(c) Sex-linked recessive
(d) Autosomal recessive

1.10. Select the propounder of the theory of”Inheritance of acquired characters” from the following-
(a) Lamarck
(b) Darwin
(d) Weisman
(c) Mendel

1.11. Recollect from your memory the oldest fossil of horse-

(a) Pliohippus
(b) Merychippus
(c) Mesohippus
(d) Eohippus

1.12. Determine the following the one which according to you is not a vestigial organ is-

a) Fingers of hand
(b) Vermiform Appendix
c) Wings of ostrich
(d) Coccyx

1.13. Identify the bacterium which you think converts nitrogenous wastes or dead bodies into ammonia-
(a) Nitrosomnonas
(b) Bacillus mycoides
(c) Nitrobacter
(d) Thioabcillus

1.14. Select out of the following the one which is not a chronic disease of lung-
(a) Bronchitis
(b) Asthma
(c) Fever
(d) Lung Cancer

1.15. Select from the following the one that is not in-situ conversation-
(a) National Park
(b) Sanctuary
(d) Biosphere Reserve


Answer 21 questions out of 26 questions given as below instructed.
Fill in the blanks with proper words in the following sentences from (any five): 1×5=5
2.1———– is secreted from islets of Langerhans of Pancreas.
2. 2.———– According to you synthesises protein of the cell during cell division.

2.3 Haemophilic father’s daughter is always————of haemophilia.

2.4 Crocodile is considered to be advanced in evolution over other reptiles as it has a——————chambered heart.

2.5. If you visit a place with maximum biodiversity, you will be able to consider it to be a………………..

2.6. Due to requirement of reserpine for treatment of high blood pressure, the-plant is becoming extinnct due to overuse.

Decide whether the following statements are True or False (any five): 1 x5=5

2.7 If a person cannot see nearby objects, he needs to use concave lens.
2.8 In a base pairing Adenine binds to Thymine.
2.9 Austosmes are resposible for sex determination in human being.
2.10 Darwin wrote the book “Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection”
2.11 Azotobacter is a denitrifying bacteria,
2.12 Auxin helps in tropic movement in plants.

Match the words in column-A with those which are most appropriate in column-B & rewrite the correct pair mentioning the serial no. of both (any five): 1×5=5

Cilliary locomotion
Wings of birds and butterflies
Singalila National Park
Pollinating agent


Honey Bee
Hybrid tall plants
Analogous organ
Red panda
Homologous organ

Answer in a single word or in a single sentences (any Six):1 x6=6

2.19. Choose the odd one and write it:

2.20. Write one function of Ganglion.

2.21.  A pair of related terms is given below on the basis of the relationship in the first pair write the suitable word in the gap of second pair
DNA : Thymine:: RNA:———–

2. 22. What is the ratio of plants in F, generation when a hybrid tall pea plant is crossed with pure dwarf one?

2.23. Determine the type of gametes that can be obtained from a female human being.

2.24.  How many airs acs are present in pigeon?

2.25. Among the following four terms one includes the other three. Find out the tem and write it- Nitrogen cycle, Nitrification, Denitrification, Ammonification


1.1.(0) Chemonastic 12. 6) Gibberellin 13. (C) Prolactin 1.4. (b) Metaphase 1.5. (b) Ovary 1.6(0)Adoleseence 1.7. (C) Mendel
1.8.(6) 2 19. (bsex-linked recessive 1.10. (a) Lamarck 1.11. (d) Eohippus 1.12. (a) fingers of hand1.13. (b) Bacillus mycoides
1.14. (c) Fever 1.15 (c) Zoo
2.1 Insulin 2.2 Ribosome 2.3 Carier 2.4 Four 2.5 Hotspot 2.6 Sarpagandha 2.7 False 2.8 True 2.9 False 2.10 True
2.11 False 2.12 True 2.13Ciliary locomotion () Paramoscium 2.14 Fragmentation (0 Spirogyra 2.15 Tt ()
Hybrid tall plant 2.16 Wings of birds and butterflies > (c) Analogous organ 2.17 Singalila National Park (e) Red
Panda 2.18 Pollinating agent ( (a) Honey Bee 2.19 ADH 2.20 Controls the activity of oesophagus, digestive
glands, tear glands etc. 2.21 Uracil 2.22 Hybrid tall dwarf = 1:1 2.23 All are homogametes (22A+ x)
2.24 9 2.25 Nitrogen Cycle 2.26 Bhagabatpur in Sundarban/Bhitarkanika in Odisha etc.

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