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The rivers play an important role in Indian culture and economy. The Ganges is very polluted because of human waste: waste from houses, factories, and farms goes straight into its water

The Chambal and Godavari River basin is the largest and most important river basin in India. The 80,000 square miles Chambal runs through much of Madhya Pradesh which is a state north of Uttar Pradesh. It has been the center of conflict for many centuries, as it has always been a source of wealth and water for neighboring regions.
The idea that there are four different types of climate in India has its origins in this river basin.
First, the temperature in these areas varies from very cold to very hot. Second, the rainfall varies a great deal from year to year. There are also cyclones and monsoons which happen almost every year.

The Brahmaputra is a very important river in India because it’s the second-largest river in India after the Ganges and it’s a major tributary of the huge river system called the Indo-Gangetic system. Bharat Rivers map for the exam. It is also one of the deepest rivers in the world, with a maximum depth of 2,800 meters (9,200 feet).
The Brahmaputra river basin covers an area of about 11,584 square miles and it has a population of 39 million people. There are three reservoirs created in the Brahmaputra basin: Dihang, Dhubri, and Dibrugarh. It is also famous for being home to India’s only nuclear power plant.

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