Humayun Ahmed Science Fiction Rochona Somogro PDF

Humayun Ahmed Science Fiction Rochona Somogro PDF

Science Fiction Rochona Somogro Author Name: Humayun Ahmed

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Download PDF Bangla Book Science Fiction Samagra by Humayun Ahmed. Download or read the Bangla PDF book online. You can download this book as a pdf file.

Science Fiction Rochana Somogro is a science fiction novel by Humayun Ahmed. All the legends of science fiction.

Humayun Ahmed is Bengali’s most popular writer, even though he has recently died. He’s famous for being a novelist, a playwright, a filmmaker.

She was born on 13 November 1948 in Mymensingh and on 19 July 2012 in New York to the Dead.

His wife is Shaon Ahmed, a famous actor. His popular books are Aach Sunday, Sky Twin Clouds, Hiji BG, Payar Made Khorom, Achinpur, Bohubrahi, Badsha Namdar, Yellow Himu Black Rob.

He is one of the pioneers of modern science fiction in Bengali. He has published more than 20 stories and science fiction. Some of Humayun Ahmed’s characters in science fiction are Fe.

Download Humayun Ahmed Science Fiction Rochona Somogro PDF

Book Name: Science Fiction Rochona Somogro
Book Category: Science Fiction
Book Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Format: PDF
Book Language: Bengali
Book Size: 8.5MB
Download Link Source: Google Drive

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