[Free] Madhyamik 2020 English Suggestion with Answer | WBBSE

Free Madhyamik 2020 English Suggestion with Answer | WBBSE
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From Textbook(Seen- 20 Marks):

1) Father’s Help ( R. k. Narayan)
2) Fable ( Ralph Waldo Emerson)
3) The Passing Away of Bapu ( Nayantara Sahgal)
4) My own True family (Ted Hughes)
5) Our Runway Kite ( Lucy Maud Montgomery)
6) Sea Fever (John Masefield)
7) The Cat (Andrew Barton Paterson)
8) The Snail (William Cowper)

Unseen:(20 Marks)

There are total 20 marks from Unseen passage. You have to practice very short and short type questions for this section. You may Practice from test papers and other model questions papers. You may follow recent English newspaper reports for unseen passage.

Grammar and Vocabulary:(20 Marks)

In this section you have to practice article – preposition, voice change, narration change, joining sentence, split up, verb etc.

1)Article & Preposition.
2) Degree.
3) Joining.
4) Narration Change.
5) Voice change.
6) Transformation of sentences.
7) Splitting.
8) Phrasal Verb

***For this type questions practice test papers and model questions.

 Replace the underlined words with suitable phrasal verbs:

(a) I cannot tolerate such an insult. (b) The old house collapsed last night. (c) I was
reared by my grandfather. (d) The strike has been cancelled. (e)How did the accident
happen? ( The doctor said the patient would recover in a week. (g) How did you get
this nice portrait of Rabindranath? (h) Try to reduce your monthly expenses as much as practicable. (i) We should try to abolish all meaningless rituals. (G) The scheme has failed for want of fund.

2. Change the voice of the following sentences:

(a) Swami changed his tactics. (b) He proposed to send a letter with Swami to the
headmaster. (c) ‘What have you written, father?’ (d) The teacher was then teaching
arithmatic. (e) I was called to Birla House by an urgent telephone. (f) A special train
took Gandhiji’s ashes to Allahabad. (g) This used to puzzle Claude and me. (h) A boy on the mainland showed claude how to make a kite. (i) Most people think that the cat is an unintelligent animal. ) This is often spoken as a reproach against cats.

3. Change the mode of narration:

(a) At nine o’clock, Swaminathan wailed, “I have a headache”. (b) “Tell him you had
a headache and so are late,” said Swami’s father. (c) “Don’t ever come to me for help if Samuel scolds you again,” Swami’s father said to him. (d) “Do you want to know what became of you kite?” he said. (e) We knew, “There was no more red paper”. (f) Do you know where Arun lives? The teacher asked the boy. (g) Father asked Swami, Have you no school today? (h) Father said, Loaf about less on Sundays and you will be without a headache on Monday. i) Swami said, What will the teacher think if I go so late?” j) Does he always scold the students? asked Swami’s father.


 (a) His tactics were changed by Swami. (b) It was proposed by him to send letter with Swami to the headmaster. (c) What has been written by you, father?
(d) Arithmetic was being taught then by the teacher. (e) They called me to Birla
House by an urgent telephone. (1) Gandhiji’s ashes were taken to Allahabad by special train. (g) Claude and I used to be puzzled by this. (h) Claude was shown how a kite was to be made by a boy on the mainland. (i) It is thought by most people that the cat is an unintelligent animal. G) People often speak this as a reproach against cats.

 3. (a) At nine o’clock, Swaminath an wailed that he had a headache. (b) Swami’s
father advised his son to tell him (his teacher Samuel) that he had had a headache
and so was late. (c) Swami’s father told his son never to go to him (his father) for
help if Samuel scolded him (Swami) again. (d) He enquired if they wanted to know
what had become of their kite. (e) We knew that there had been no more red paper.
( The teacher asked the boy if he knew where Arun lived. (g) Father asked Swami
if he had no school that day. (h) Father advised him to loaf about less on Sundays
to be without a headache on Monday. (i) Swami wondered what the teacher would think if he went so late. G) Swami’s father wanted to know if he (the teacher) always scolded the students.

Writing Skills:(30 marks)

Letter Writing:

1) Write a letter to your friend about the utility of morning walk.
2) Write a letter to your father for a ‘No Objection Certificate ‘ which you need to submit to
your school for your educational excursion.
3 ) Write a letter to the bank manager for educational loan for your higher studies.
4) Write a letter to your friend about the Dengue Awareness Programme that held in your school.

Practice also: Safe drinking water, A film you recently seen, A book you recently read, Rising price of essential goods, loud speaker, Accidents, Advantages and Disadvantages of the mobile phone.

Process of Preparation : How to Publish of news paper,How Lemon Squash is Prepared How to Make Mango Pickle, preparation of Orange juice, How to Make Coffee etc.

Paragraph :

1. The Person You Like/Admire Most. 2. Your Favourite Teacher. 3. Your Parents. 4.Your Aim in Life. 5. A Book You Have Recently Read./ Your Favourite Book. 6. Visit to a Place of Historical Interest. 7. A School You Know. 8. Usefulness of Morning Walk. 9. Man and Trees/the Importance of Growing More Trees. 10. Campaign against Crackers. 11.Value of Games and Sports/Health is Wealth/Necessity of Physical Fitness. 12. Your Favourite Hobby. 13. A Journey by Train. 14. Environmental Pollution/Man and Environment. 15. Your Favourite Season. 16.A Memorable Day in Your Life/A Sad Day in Your Life/the Day You Can Never Forget. 17. Discipline in Student Life./Duties of student life. 18. Usefulness of Newspaper Reading. 19. Students and Social Service. 20. Global Warming: a Threat to Our Existence. 21. Use and Abuse of Mobile Phone.

Check hereMost Important English Paragraph Writing for Madhyamik Examination 2020

Notice Writing : 1) As a secretary, green space club of your school, issue a notice for tree plantation in your school premises.

2) As a secretary, social welfare club of your school, write a notice requesting students to donate freely to a relief fund for the flood in Kerala.

3) As a secretary, of your village club, issue a notice for blood donation camp in your

4) Your club has arranged a Eye Treatment camp. Write a short notice informing people in your locality.

5) As a secretary, of your school’s Health Club, issue a notice requesting the students to join in the garbage cleaning operation in the school premises.

*** For more writing skills practice the previous year questions papers and test papers.

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