Essay on Sports for Students

Essay on Sports for Students

Compelled under the monotony and burden of the curriculum the young lads now-a days are synonymous with the stunted and emaciated figures. “The heavy weight of[school] hours has chained and bowed” their childhood innocence and ebullient spirit. In the absence of sound physique, the mental power is jeopardized and the result is a dismal show-a nonchalant limping generation living an insipid and graceless life. This is the most deplorable flaw in our educational framework which has not realized still that games and sports are an indispensable part of education, providing the necessary stimulus for nurturing the seeds of talent.

 Brain, the most complicated of all machinery is the most delicate and fragile part of the human body. Hence for the brain to function smoothly the body needs to be electrified by games and sports.

 The playground is not merely a piece of land where children play, run and sweat out their energies. But in many ways, it is a didactic sphere where many human and ethical values are imprinted on human minds. According to the Duke of Wellington, “The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton”. This implies that the soldiers who won the battlefield learnt the very basis of battle and victory on the playground.

    Games and sports have always helped in establishing cordial and harmonious relations among different individuals, states and nations. They provide an opportunity to mingle with persons of different countries, thus giving a fair chance to develop friendship and rapport. The players get the lesson that the victory and defeat is to be accepted with sports man spirit. The discipline which is a precondition of success is developed on a playground. Not only discipline but self-control, self-reliance, aplomb are imbibed in us through sports. So the playground itself becomes a school, imparting the best education to us.

 Let the children regain the freedom to hop, jump and play like a roe. Just remove the cumbersome and dull load of work from their shoulders and all the jitters from their mien will vanish. They will turn out to be better citizens assimilating the goodness of the books in much better manner than what they are doing presently. This is why Swami Vivekananda truly said, “It is better to play football than read the Gita.”

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