Advanced Learner’s Functional English Grammar in Bengali PDF

Advanced Learner’s Functional English Grammar in Bengali PDF By Chowdhury & Hossain

Dear students, you are going to download Advance Learner’s Functional English Grammar in Bengali. This is the best English Grammar in my opinion.

Download the great Bengali book for understanding and learning English grammar very well.

This is the current Communicative Type book of the old syllabus grammar book for secondary and higher classes (the author has omitted many explanations in the new grammar book due to the limitations of the current syllabus and many important topics in the current syllabus grammar book which is very important for BCS, bank job and university admission test).

This Advance Learners’ Functional English Grammar Book covers Parts of Speech, Sentence Joining, Combination of Sentences, Phrases & Clauses, Uses of words in the appropriate position in a sentence, identifying errors in a sentence. This book will be very helpful for students.

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