CPU Full Form |What is the full form of C.P.U.?

CPU Full-Form |What is the full form of C.P.U.?

The full form of CPU is ”Central Processing Unit”. Or CPU Stands for ” Central Processing Unit”.

It is also known as the brain of a computer. All the basic mathematical and logical functions of the computer are performed in the CPU.

CPU Full-Form |What is the full form of C.P.U.?

How many parts of a CPU and what are these?

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU):

It can perform arithmetic and logic operations using this part of the computer processor. An arithmetic unit (ALU) is further divided into two sections, the Arithmetic Unit (AU) and a Logic Unit (LU).

Control Unit (CU): 

It tells the computer’s logic unit, memory, input, and output devices how to follow the instructions in the program.


This is the temporary storage area of the computer processor. It is operated by the Control Unit (CU). When running a program, the required data, instruction and address are kept in the register.

Types of CPUs

CPUs can be divided into three major categories:

  • Transistor CPUs
  • Small Scale Integration CPUs
  • Large Scale Integration CPUs

What is the function of the CPU?


The processor is probably the single most important determinant of the system’s performance on the PC. Other factors also play an important role in determining performance, while the capabilities of the processor determine the maximum performance of a system.

Software support:

Processors enable the system to use the latest software.

Reliability and stability:

The quality of the processor is something that determines how reliably your system operates. The most processor is very reliable though.

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