Class 9 English Model Activity Task Answers Part 6

Class 9 English Model Activity Task Answers Part 6:

Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions:

It had been raining for seven years. Thousands upon thousands of days filled from one end to the other with rain. The days were filled with the gush of water and endless showers. Heavy storms caused tidal waves to come over the islands. A thousand forests crushed under the rain, had grown up a thousand times to be crushed again. This was the way of life forever on planet Venus. Here was located the schoolroom of the children belonging to men and women who came by rockets from Earth. They set up a civilization in this raining world.

Activity 1

Answer the following questions:

i) How long it had been raining in Venus?

Ans:- it had been raining for seven years in venus.

ii) What was the way of life in Venus?

Ans:- Men and Women who came from earth had det up a Civilization in winners which is a world of incessant rainfall. The forest collapsed because of continuous rainfall the way of life in Venus always witnessed rainfall and darkness.

iii) Who set up a civilization in the “raining world” ?

Ans:- Men and women who landed in Venus from earth by rockets state of our Civilization in the raining world.

Activity 2

Do as directed :

i) Opening the gate, the man came in. (Change into a compound sentence)

Ans:- The man open the gate and came in

ii) He was very sorry and left the place. (Change into a simple sentence)

Ans:- being very sorry he left the place

iii) Work hard or you may fail (Change into a complex sentence)

Ans:- If you do not work hard he will fail.

iv) He was so tired that he could not walk. (Change into a simple sentence)

Ans:- he was too tired to walk.

Activity 3

Your father has to shift to a different district due to his job requirements. Write a letter to the Headmistress / Headmaster of your school seeking a Transfer Certificate.



The Headmaster/Headmistress,

Sitalkuchi High School

Sitalkuchi, Cooch Behar

Pin- 736158

Sub: Application for Transfer Certificate

With due respect, I would like to inform you that I am a student of class IX of your esteemed institution. My fathers job is transferable and recently he has been transferred to Mathbhanga. As my family is going there, I also have to go there with them. In such a situation it is not possible for me to continue my study from this school.

To get admission in a new school, I have to submit the transfer certificate . I , therefore, pray to you to issue me a transfer certificate for that purpose. Awaiting your kind consideration.

With Regards.                                                                                        Your Obediently

                                                                                                             Riju Barman

Date: 20.09.2021                                                                               Class: IX, Roll No: 3

Place: Sitalkuchi                                                                                  Section: B


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