Class 8 English 2022 Activity Task (January) Question & Answer

Class 8 English 2022 Activity Task (January) Question & Answer:





Full Marks: 20


Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :

 Now the boy whose name was Jon had always obeyed his mother. So he went about his farm work with a heavy heart but did not again mention the sea.

     One day, he had been walking behind the plough. He all but ran over a tiny green turtle on a clod of dirt. He picked the turtle up and set it on his head where he knew it would be safe. When he was done with ploughing, Jon plucked the turtle from his head. To his utter surprise, he found that it had turned into a tiny green fairy man that stood upon his palm and bowed.



Tick the correct answer :

(i) Jon was engaged in

(a) domestic work

(b) motor work

(c) farm work

Answer : (c) farm work

(ii) The tiny turtle was found on the

(a) plough

(b) clod of dirt

(c) seaside

Answer : (b) clod of dirt


Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements in given boxes. Give supporting statements for your answers :

(i) Jon had never obeyed his mother.

Answer: F

Supporting  Statement: Jon had always obeyed his mother.  

(ii) The little turtle that Jon found was green in colour.

Answer: T

Supporting Statement: He all but ran over a tiny green turtle on a clod of dirt.

(iii) The little turtle converted into a beautiful mermaid.

Answer: F

Supporting Statement: It had turned into a tiny green fairy man. 



Match the following words with their antonyms :

  Countable Nouns Uncountable Nouns
(i) tiny Disobey
(ii) safe Light
(iii) obey Huge
(iv) heavy unsafe

Answer :

  Countable Nouns Uncountable Nouns
(i) tiny Huge
(ii) safe unsafe
(iii) obey Disobey
(iv) heavy Light



Write a paragraph in about 80 words on ‘Protection of Wild Life’. You may use the following points :

Points: disturbance of ecological balance – man’s greed and selfishness causing gradual extinction of wildlife – deforestation, less space for accommodation of wild life – urgent need for protection of wild animals – conclusion.


Wildlife refers to the animals, insects, birds, and other creatures that live in the forests. Wildlife is an important and crucial aspect of the natural world. The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 is an attempt to protect India’s wildlife. We must protect animals in order to have a peaceful life on this planet. Wildlife is valuable for its aesthetic value, economic value, scientific value, and survival value. Wildlife is an aspect of nature that helps to keep the balance of the ecosystem.

Wild animals and plants are playing an important role in maintaining the ecological balance of nature. The human being is the main destroyer of wildlife. Deforestation, less space for the accommodation of wildlife is also some of the main reasons for the loss of wildlife. Human beings need to feel the importance of wildlife and should stop destroying it for our personal benefit. On this earth, wildlife is equally important as human beings.

It is our responsibility to save the wildlife and our planet. There are many of the wildlife and our planet. There are many government acts and policies formulated in the direction of the conservation of wildlife. It is the social responsibility of human beings should try to conserve.

অন্যান্য ক্লাসের মডেল অ্যাক্টিভিটি টাস্ক এখানে ক্লিক করুন
এই ব্লগের হোমপেজে যাওয়ার জন্য এখানে ক্লিক করুন
আমাদের টেলিগ্রাম চ্যানেল-এ যুক্ত হওয়ার জন্য
এখানে ক্লিক করুন


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