Class 4 English Model Activity Task Part 6 |September 2021(Solution)

Class 4 English Model Activity Task Part 6 |September 2021(Solution): Class IV English Part 6 Model Activity Task Question and answers. WB The students of class 4 those who are looking for September series III Model Activity Task Question & Answers, then here is the right place. We are prepared the answers for the question Class 4th English Model(2nd Language).


Read the passage and answer the questions that follow : 

The forest was dark. The dense trees blocked sunlight. There appeared a huge tiger. It was large, yellow with black stripes. It looked out of grey eyes at Subol and Madol. “Barre Miya,” Subol said with awe. “Keep quiet,” Madol said softly, “don’t challenge him.”

 Activity 1

Answer the following questions : 2 × 3 = 6

a) Why was the forest dark ?

Ans: The forest was dark because the dense trees blocked sunlight.

b) Describe the tiger.

Ans: The tiger was large, yellow with black stripes.


c) What advice did Madol give to Subol ?

Ans: Madol gave advice to subol not to challenge the tiger.

 Activity 2

Complete the following sentences with words from the passage : 1 × 3 = 3

a) The dense trees blocked __________Sunlight________ .

b) Subol said with ___________awe__________ .

c) Madol spoke __________softly__________ .

Activity 3

 Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense forms the Verbs given in brackets : 1 × 3 = 3

a) The girl ___________is singing__________ (sing).

b) They ________are playing_____________ (play).

c) The students _______are writing___________ (write).

Activity 4

Write five sentences on Tigers. 8

Ans: Tiger is wild animal. There are  yellow and black stripes over its body. Tiger has sharp teeth and sharp claws on its paws. Tiger’s favorite food is meat. Tiger is the national animal of India.



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