Class 10 SEBA (2nd Unit Test) Exam HSLC Question Paper 2021-2022

Class 10 SEBA (2nd Unit Test) Exam HSLC Question Paper 2021-2022:


1. Choose the meaning of the underlined word in the following sentence from among the alternatives given in brackets:


(a) This land of rolling hills inhabited by a proud race of martial men, beautiful women, and wild creatures. (having to do with marriage/ having to do with peace/having to do with war)

2. State whether the following statement are true and false in the context of the text:

(i) The tea bushes and densely wooded hills presented a dull view.
(ii) We Tea was drunk as a herb in Europe.

3. Where and when was tea first drunk?
4. What was the sprouting period of tea plants?
5. What was Pranjal’s father?
6. What did Rajvir see on his way to Pranjal’s house?
7. How are the tea leaves collected?
8. What were the Chinese legends regarding tea?

10. Give a description of Dheklabari tea-garden as seen by Pranjol and Rajvir when they were driven through it.

11. Give a description of the magnificent view of tea garden seen by Rajib from the railway train?

12. Choose from the box given below the words that rhyme with the following:
Sound, help
(brown, find, around, gap, yelp, loud)
13. Why did Custard cry for a nice cage?

14. What is the name of Belinda’s dragon?
15. How does Custard dragon received after he had killed the pirate?

16. Describe briefly the physical appearance of custard the Dragon.

17. How did Belinda and all the pets react when they heard a
nasty sound?

17. How dld Belinda and all the pets react when they heard a nasty sound?

18. Give a description of Griffin’s experience in Drey Lane.
19. Who was Griffin? How did he become invisible?
Why did Mrs. Hall find him eccentric?


Briefly describe the extraordinary behavour of Mrs. Hall’s furniture.

20. Correct the errors in any three in the following sentence.

a) Rita did not went to school yesterday.
b) It is you who is responsible for the incident.
c) Apples are good to be eaten.
d) I saw a strange dream last night.

21. Translate into English.
a) ভাৰত এখন বিশাল দেশ।
b) ইয়াৰ উত্তৰফালে চীন দেশ।
c) ভাৰতৰ ৰাধানীৰ নাম নতুন দিল্লী।
d) যােৱা গৰমৰ বন্ধত মই দিল্লীলৈ গৈছিলাে।
e) ভাত মই বহুতাে ইতিহাস প্রসিদ্ধ ঠাইবিলাক চালাে।
f) আমি দিল্লী গৈ পােৱাৰ আগেয়ে খুড়া গৈছিলাে


Give the substance of the following –
Health is the most valuable of all earthly possession. Without it all rest are worth nothing. to enjoy good health, we should refrain from excess eating. We should eat moderately and not devour whatever we get. When you sit among many for a dinner, do not reach your hand out first of all. A little food is sufficient for us. Sound sleep comes to a person when in tight and stomach. Such a man rises early in the morning and is at ease to himself.

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